Morning Routines:

Language Arts Time (Table Area)

1. Greetings/ Homework/ Agenda Check & Writing / Hand in school forms
Students come into class, greet everyone, take out homework , agenda, and school notices for me to check.

2. Agenda Writing/ LA Worksheet Exercise/ Journal Writing
Students will write down the messages in their agenda for the day. Then they will work on some LA worksheet or journal writing activities.

3. Daily 5 (Language Art Activities)
After writing the agenda, students may choose 1 of the following Daily 5 activities and work for 15-30minutes; students will have to choose 2-3 of the 5 daily 5 activities every day.
-Read to Self (Individual quiet reading)
-Read to Others (Buddy Reading)
-Listen to Reading (listen to a story on a CD player or on a computer)
-Work of Writing (Journal writing/ Worksheets)
-Word Work (Spelling or Vocabulary Games)

Circle Time (Floor Area)
4. AttendanceIf a student is absent without notifying the school or me know ahead of time. Ms. Gemma Wang, the school office secretary will contact the parents or guardians if the student is absent with no prior notice.

Note about absence:
-If your child is sick or not feeling well, please let your child stay home until s/he is fully recovered. Children will enjoy school much more if they are physically fit and well.-If your child is going to be absent from school for more than a week, please let the school office and me know as early as possible.
5. Calendars

We will review the calendar every day in the morning time.
1. date, days in a week, months in a year
2. weather and temperature
3. birthdays

6. Class Discussion
Everyday we will read one book or discuss different topics related to the the theme of the week. During the reading or discussion time, students learn to sit, listen, ask questions, and share ideas with others.
Students learn to ask questions, share their background knowledge (what they already know or have experienced), and give opinions about the book.