Language Arts
1. We are learning to hold a pencil properly and draw lines (fine motor skill development)2. We are working on tracing and printing alphabet letters, both capital and small letter cases3. We are working on tracing and printing our first names4. We are learning to recognize, sound out, and print the alphabet letters5. We are learning to read and write our first and last names.6. We are learning to recognize and sound out simple sight words7. We are learning to combine some letters to make phonetic sounds8. We are learning to point and read words from the direction of top to bottom, left to right.9. We are learning to spell basic sight words and newly learned vocabulary words
10. We are learning to write 5-10 sentences.
11. We are learning to write journals and letters with some words and pictures.
12. We are learning to write from our experience (narrative writing)
13. We are learning to write stories and recognize the story elements (e.g. character, setting, plot)

Daily 5(Mon,Tue, Thu, Fri.)/ Reading Power (Wed.) 8:45-10:00am

The Daily 5 is a special program which focuses on independent learning and structural routines. Students learn the following:-Read to Yourself-Read to Someone-Work on Writing-Listen to Reading-Word Work (Spelling/ Vocabulary Building)
Reading Power and Non-Fiction Reading Power are the other programs which focus on developing different reading strategies (e.g. connecting, visualizing, and questioning) and text features.